Prepaid Wireless, Long Distance & Billpay Sell Prepaid Wireless, Prepaid Phone Cards, Billpay Services and More without the need to prepurchase or house inventory. Customer are able to shop products for themselves without requiring the assistance of an attendant.   Specialty Kiosk Automation at the Point of Sale Digital Signage  Digital Signage Screens Bring your business to the 21st century with digitization. Cost effective and eye catching signage, advertising and more. Website Hosting & Design Industry specific software available for ease of use and specific business needs. Multiple features and reporting capabilities. Multifunction Check Cashing & ATM This robust kiosk offers a suite of services including Check Cashing, Bill Payment, Money Transfers, ATM, Prepay Wireless and Prepay Phone Card. DVD Kiosk Manage your own movie rental business with this highly specialized kiosk that rivals Redbox, TM and Blockbuster, TM. Allow customers to rent or buy movies, games, and music. You set you location and pricing.