Digital Signage Hardware Choose from a variety of hardware to include interactive touch screens, interactive kiosk, wall and ceiling mounted flat screens or small customer displays integrated with your POS System. The possibilities are vast.   Digital Signage Everything Is Going Digital Because Its Fast, Convenient and More Visually Appealing & Effective POS Quick Links  Plug & Play POS Systems Completed POS Systems ready for use out of the box. Pre-loaded POS Software and pre-configured POS Hardware. pcAmerica POS Software Industry specific POS Software available for ease of use and specific business needs. Multiple features and reporting capabilities. Merchant Accounts Rates as low as 1.43% Special rates on hardware and software for DIADEM customers.  Custom POS Quote POS Demo PCI DSS Compliance How to Guide: Choosing the Best POS System For Your Business   Digital Signage Software Our Digital Signage Software has multiple features that allow you to maximize your digital screen space and get the most out of your digital signage. Split your screens into zones to combine digital advertising with your digital signage, change your menu instantly from breakfast to lunch or allow customers to watch the news and sports television as you promote current specials in  your store.   Digital Media Design We will design eye appealing digital signage and media that will give your store(s) the look and feel of a large corporation and show your customers how you understand and are willing to accomodate the fact that we are a more mobile society  than ever before. Allow your customers to view your promotions online in addition to get coupons and promotionals via text messaging or email.